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About La Palma

Can we say something about La Palma? When most people think about the Canary Islands, they think about Tenerife, Gran Canaria or maybe Fuerteventura. Tourist resorts for low-cost beach holidays, basically. The island of La Palma is one of the Canary Islands, but nothing like its budget holiday neighbours. Created in part to tell people about La Palma and in part to help promote a small property rental group on the island, the website 'About La Palma' might well open your eyes. La Palma is a unique island, dotted with more volcanic craters than acne scars on an unlucky teenager, with one of Europe's finest (and last) laurel forests and around 1,000km of cycle and trekking paths criss-crossing the island.

If you'd like to read about La Palma and see what it has to offer, take a look at the 'where to go in La Palma' section. For ideas on things to do on La Palma, check out the 'what to do on La Palma pages, which lists some of the many sports and activities La Palma is famous for. There's also a section on holiday rental accommodation in La Palma, with holiday villas and holiday apartments available for rent on the western (sunnier) side of the island.

Called 'la isla bonita' by the Spanish (beautiful island) is not a mass-tourism destination. It can even be a pain to get to, as there are few direct flights to the island, which in part tells you that you won't be fighting your way through crowds of tourists just to find a peaceful spot. La Palma is the ideal destination for activity holidays, for cycling, hiking, scuba diving and so on. Even if you have no intention of visiting La Palma, it's interesting just to read about it, to see what La Palma has to offer.

La Palma
'La Isola Bonita'
If you fancy an active holiday, walking, cycling or maybe just gazing at the stars, La Palma is a beautiful island in the Canaries, perfect for people who don't want a beach holiday but who want to enjoy fresh air and the sun.

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